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Creative Workshops

Our associates and collaborators represent a range of expertise, knowledge and experience and come from a wide of variety of creative backgrounds including performance, visual arts, writing, storytelling, producing, composing, poetry and gardening.

Creative workshops: Workers of Art deliver arts based workshops within schools, early years settings, communities and higher education institutions. All our workshops are bespoke and can vary in length and content depending on your requirements.

Please follow link >> to see examples of our creative workshops or contact us for more information.

Workshops around themes & events: Workers of Art design and deliver programmes that engage young people and communities with current themes and events such as the opening of a new cultural venue, the unveiling of a piece of public art, or the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Please follow link >> to see examples of these programmes or contact us for more information.



Creative Workshops


Young people work with an artist to discuss the concepts of Equality and Diversity. Creating a village where everyone and everything is exactly the same allows them to explore the benefits and draw backs.take a peek >

Active Learning

Artists works with the young people to explore how using creative activity can enhance ther ablity to learn.

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Other Examples...

Young people from Macalls School work with an arist to explore concepts within physics through creative activity.

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Artists work with young people from Abbey School to explore the Olympic & Paralympic PRIDE values.

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An artist shares his skills with a community - teaching them how to express their thoughts through creativity!
Client Project Z
Sector Support
Date 2010
ClientProject Z
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Young people from Sandwich Technology School discover a new love of literacy through making handmade books.
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