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Story Sacks:

Story-Sacks is a programme that works with parents to develop their imaginations and story-telling skills. As well gaining confidence in storytelling, parents make beautiful hand-made books, puppets, storytelling blankets and story-sacks that are specific to their child’s development needs and personal interests.

We also offer a Story-Sack programme is aimed specifically at dads. This course covers the same themes but the creative activity is centered on making wooden and wind up toys.

Why Stories?

The time spent together during storytelling, supports the development of a strong attachment and bond between parent and child.

Stories help to develop children’s imaginations and increase vocabulary.

Stories that contain feelings help children to recognize and understand their own emotions and to empathise with others.

Through stories children learn to understand the world.

A love of reading and stories is one of the best and most lasting gifts a parent can give their child.

Our Story-Sack programmes are each developed to address the needs of the participants withwhom we are working. Our courses vary and are anything upwards of three 2hr sessions. For more information and a list of our prices, please contact us at info@workers-of-art.co.uk

Images of Project

A Story Sack

active participant

Parents make story sacks that are designed to support their children's individual development needs.

Developing a Bond Through Story Telling

Parents are given the confidence and skills to create imaginary stories for their children.


More Images

Parents make story blankets around their children's favourite stories.
Parents make story blankets that encourage their children to re-live their favourite days out.
Children actively involved in story telling.
ARTIST MASTER CLASS Parents make beautiful puppets for their story sacks.