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Poetry City

Poetry City was not a traditional poetry festival constrained within the confines of a venue but was instead an event during which the location became the canvas for the celebration – the local characters its poets. On the 23rd October 2010, those visiting Canterbury high street would have seen the space transformed before their eyes as they were invited to step into a differentworld and re-see and re-engage with a space as familiar to them as the air they breathed.

Our event was site specific with each installation inspired by the location itself. The pavements of the city were beautifully inscribed by artists, blank walls and windows displayed lines of verse, trees were festooned with haiku printed on ribbons and ribbons too were braided into the hair of girls that passed by.  Little verses were suspended high in the branches of a tree - accessible only by a cord and pulley for those brave enough to let them down. Our poet, John Siddique spent two weeks wandering with the crowds on the high street,gathering thoughts, memories, feelings and hopes for the city’s future. These he then wove into a poem that was beautifully and artistically projected large onto Westgate Towers - A poem that was truly of, for and by the people of Canterbury.

Images of Project

Poetry City Projection

John Siddique's poem projected large onto the Westgate Towers for the duration of the Canterbury Festival fortnight.

Poetry on the Streets

Lines of verse beautifully inscribed onto the streets.


More Images

Canvasing the crowds - promoting poetry.

Site - specific poems decorating shop windows.

Poems hung high in the branches of trees.
John Siddique gives a reading of the work created for Canterbury.